Marko Anastasov

Marko co-founded Rendered Text. He’s a programmer with a passion of creating something for other people, coupled with interests in how things work in the society and nature. He is having a great time working across many areas in the company, including product design, helping the engineering teams, empowering users and marketing. He likes to counterbalance it all with running, cycling or a day in the woods.

Recent Articles

Petar Perovic joins Rendered Text

We’re super excited to announce that Petar Perović has joined the Semaphore product team!

Katarina Ugrinić joins Rendered Text

Today we’re reviving the custom of announcing new team members on the blog. These are exciting times for Rendered Text as we’ve been setting up various functions in the company that have not had dedicated people before. We’re very happy to see these fantastic people come and do great work. As a result, we’re collectively able to accomplish awesome things that were not possible before.

Framing Risk

Risk has a bad reputation. In both everyday and business context, when we say that something is “risky”, we usually mean “dangerous”, “maybe you shouldn’t be doing that”, “you don’t know what you’re doing”, and so on. I’d like to reset that thinking in myself.

Enjoying The Conversations

One of the less obvious things that I enjoy about running a product company are the diverse conversations that I get to have with our customers.

Video: Rendered Text Hackathon in 50 Seconds

Check out this short video summary of our first hackathon.

Our First Hackathon

On May 30 and 31st we organized the first Rendered Text web hackathon. Five teams of students from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Niš competed in developing a static code analysis web application for Elixir, using Elixir of course. They didn’t know the language or the objective prior to coming to the hackathon, as we held it as a surprise.

Semaphore in DZone's 2015 Guide to Continuous Delivery

Many thanks to DZone for including Semaphore again in its annual report on continuous delivery, recognizing Rendered Text as a featured vendor.

Photos from Rails Girls Novi Sad #1

Last weekend we co-organized the first Rails Girls event in our town.

Photos From Rendered Text Office

As part of the recent redesign of our website, we also made some photos. Let’s just say we really like them. Here’s a taste.

Redesigned: The New

This week we’re very excited that we launched a brand new design of



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