Marko Anastasov wrote this on May 30, 2018

Public speaking tip: one slide per minute

Marko spoke at the BalkanRuby conference last week about his experience working on Ruby Bench. In an internal post on our message board:

At first, while preparing my slides for the talk, I wanted to go out there with up to 7 slides for a 30-minute talk. I knew that I have enough to speak about the project round and round. Darko advised me not to show up without a minimum of 20 slides, because I would awkwardly finish my talk in less time than allocated by organizers. Which is, yeah, awkward. [That] saved my ass. I wasn’t actually aware how different it is when you speak to one person, comparing to talking in front of an audience of unknown people 🙈. I had 20 slides prepared with a lot of points. These were really helpful to guide me throughout the talk. You must have a lot of them.

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