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Our product Semaphore helps you quickly set up automated testing and deployment for any web or mobile project. Originally designed for ourselves, it is now used and praised by thousands of businesses worldwide.

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The Semaphore Guides to CI/CD

When you’re in a field for a long time, you start to believe that what you’re doing is common knowledge. Read more…

The First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad

As our customer success team grew, we recognized the need to meet people from the same field to share experience and knowledge, get to know each other better and, most importantly, create a community. Meetups are a great format for pulling a community together, so in September we organized our first customer service meetup in Novi Sad.

First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad

Read more…

Launching Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad

On September 26, we’ll gather people interested in Customer Support and Customer Success, exchange ideas, tips and tricks, share the good and the bad. You will have a unique chance to listen to CS experts and learn from their stories. Read more…

Semaphore 2.0: Unleashing the full power of CI/CD

Last week we launched Semaphore 2.0, our new cloud-based continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) product. Featuring fully customizable pipelines and a whole new look, it represents the next step in our mission to enable all developers to build great products at high velocity. Read more…

Photo: team retreat at Balaton

At the end of May the Rendered Text / Semaphore team went to a three-day retreat at lake Balaton in Hungary. Read more…


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