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Our product Semaphore lets you quickly set up a fast continuous delivery process for any web project. Test every change you make and easily deploy new versions to delight of your users. Integrate with other services and keep your team in the loop. Originally designed for ourselves, it is now used and praised by hundreds of companies worldwide.

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Software is about people and we are life-long learners. That is why we frequently attend and organize events in our industry.

September 15, 2016

Marko will be presenting Scaling a Rails Monolith with Event-Driven Microservices at the WindyCityRails conference in Chicago. He will share the core principles of event-driven microservices, some ideas on where Rails apps fit into that picture, and what is their optimal scope.

September 09, 2016

Igor will share our adventures with Elixir at this year’s BalCCon2k16 conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. He’ll describe the reasons why for some parts of Semaphore’s backend we switched from Ruby to Elixir, and the performance boost we gained by harnessing the power of Erlang’s virtual machine and the OTP platform.

August 20, 2016

Our cofounder, Marko, is currently at the Abstractions conference in Pittsburgh, PA, where he will be presenting on how to scale up applications, one microservice at a time. He’ll talk about what asynchronous microservices look like in code, what tools we need to adopt in order to deploy them efficiently, and he’ll describe a simple, elegant approach to building software, with the Unix mindset of doing one thing well.

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