Marko Anastasov wrote this on January 22, 2020

The Semaphore Guides to CI/CD

When you’re in a field for a long time, you start to believe that what you’re doing is common knowledge.

As the first ever blog post here shows, Rendered Text has been doing test-driven development for ten years now. We were also doing continuous delivery, deploying to production multiple times per day. We knew that we were ahead of the curve; the Ruby on Rails community was by far the most progressive. Surely by now this would be commonplace?

Not so fast.

Here’s the thing: over 50% of all software developers today have learned to program less than 10 years ago, as reported by StackOverflow. Over 40% have less than 5 years of professional experience. The number of newcomers is larger than the number of seasoned professionals. The task of preserving the craft across the industry is not trivial.

There are more people who are yet to learn a software development process such as continuous delivery, than those who have mastered it.

This is what led us to take some time in 2019 to write concise, modern guides to continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). They reflect our own, as well as the experience of serving thousands of customers of a hosted CI/CD service.

Continuous Integration (CI) Explained: Shows how the process works, the reasons it exists, technical prerequisites, benefits and best practices.

CI/CD Explained: Describes the full-circle process for effectively delivering software from code to production. Covers the principles, example workflows, relation to DevOps, and provides a roadmap for adoption.

CI/CD Pipelines: A Gentle Introduction is all about the practical aspect of delivering bug-free code at high velocity. Automation is not enough, and this article goes in-depth of what a productive code pipeline looks like.

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