Marko Anastasov wrote this on July 31, 2018

Semaphore 2.0: Unleashing the full power of CI/CD

Last week we launched Semaphore 2.0, our new cloud-based continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) product. Featuring fully customizable pipelines and a whole new look, it represents the next step in our mission to enable all developers to build great products at high velocity.

Every year or so, hardware companies have the opportunity to design a new device from scratch. In SaaS, continuous deployment allows us to deliver updates to customers several times per day. So the default approach is to add new things to the existing base. Reduction is so difficult for technological and social reasons that it’s rarely done.

Six years after introducing Semaphore, we thought that we’d come up with a far better product if we took everything we’ve learned along the way and designed a new one without restrictions. If you ship code, we think you’re going to love it.

You can apply for an early invite today.

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