Ivana Urošević wrote this on November 1, 2018

The First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad

As our customer success team grew, we recognized the need to meet people from the same field to share experience and knowledge, get to know each other better and, most importantly, create a community. Meetups are a great format for pulling a community together, so in September we organized our first customer service meetup in Novi Sad.

First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad

The meetup was in the form of a panel discussion with three speakers - Petar Atanasovski from MVP Workshop, Miloš Jević from ActiveCollab and our very own Filip Brdarić. The whole conversation was moderated by our colleague Sonja Samardžić, and the meetup was coordinated by Ivana Urošević.

During an one-hour discussion, the speakers talked about the importance of being customer service-oriented, the most interesting situations they’ve encountered, their teams' goals, and the future of customer service.

First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad Talk

After the panel discussion, visitors had many questions for the speakers. They wanted to know how customer service teams can measure how much they contribute to company revenue. We also talked about the most important thing to look for in candidates at job interviews. All three speakers agreed that the key thing for someone to be successful at customer service is having empathy.

Filip said that empathy, along with the desire and willingness to help users are the most important characteristics his team looks for in a candidate. Petar added that technical knowledge and English fluency are also crucial for their team. Miloš agreed, and added that English fluency is the first thing they test when selecting candidates.

First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad Questions

At the very end, everyone was mingling, enjoying snacks and drinks, sharing their ideas for future meetups, and getting to know each other, which means that our mission was accomplished. :)

First Customer Service Meetup in Novi Sad Mingling

We’re looking forward to building the Customer Service community and meeting fellow customer service enthusiasts again very soon!

If you’d like to keep up with the news about future Customer Service meetups, join our Customer Service Meetup group, and follow @RenderedText on Twitter.

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