Marko Anastasov wrote this on June 5, 2018

Who we're hiring, June 2018 edition

It’s an exciting time to join Rendered Text as we’re in a transition on multiple levels:

  • From office-based to a fully remote work environment. Right now a third of us are working remotely from 7 countries.
  • From people usually wearing many hats to specialized teams with dedicated and autonomous leadership.
  • From scaling up a proven product to building new things.

This is who we’re hiring at the moment to work on Semaphore:

  • Customer Success Representative: build strong relationships with our customers and contribute to product improvements and revenue growth.
  • Head of Marketing: lead strategy and execution, scale up the team, and take our marketing to the next level.
  • Head of People Operations: ensure that Rendered Text is always an environment in which smart, ambitious people can do their best work and grow professionally.
  • Technical Support Engineer: provide first-class service and tech support to our customers (that is, awesome DevOps engineers and developers across the world).

All positions are remote, and because of time overlap we’re considering candidates based in Europe.

If you see yourself in any of these roles, please get in touch. If you know someone who’d be interested, send them the job page.

We also announce on Twitter — @renderedtext or @semaphoreci — when we have a new job opening, so make sure to follow us over there for real-time updates.

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