Darko Fabijan wrote this on May 12, 2016

Welcome Sneha

We’re pleased to announce that Sneha Somwanshi has joined Rendered Text.

As our first remote employee, she will help us break new ground in how we work. She’s bringing valuable experience from both Ruby on Rails, and DevOps worlds. Prior to joining Rendered Text, she worked at ThoughtWorks.

Sneha loves traveling, conquering mountain tops, and shares our excitement in adopting Elixir and micro-services.

Welcome Sneha! Follow her on Twitter at @snehasomwanshi.

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Rendered Text co-founder. Enjoys breaking new ground and exploring tools and ideas that make lives of developers interesting and productive. Nowadays has less time to write code but has great pleasure in discussing it with the team. He spends his free time cooking, hiking and indoor gardening.

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