Darko Fabijan wrote this on January 11, 2011

100 Wonders of the World

A few weeks ago, we got some great news, but we just had to wait a bit and verify it with our internal bureau of investigation. Now, that all doubts are gone, it is our great honor to inform you that Marko got his master’s degree in computer science with the certificate of being the best student of his graduating class. As a modest gift he received a very nice book “100 Wonders of the World”, of which you can see a picture below. Although it is very tempting to spend many many hours browsing through the pages of this book, Marko hasn’t neglected his Rendered Text activities and continues to deliver great Ruby code for our clients. Big BRAVO for Marko!

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About Darko Fabijan

Rendered Text co-founder. Enjoys breaking new ground and exploring tools and ideas that make lives of developers interesting and productive. Nowadays has less time to write code but has great pleasure in discussing it with the team. He spends his free time cooking, hiking and indoor gardening.

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