Vladimir Sarić wrote this on December 2, 2013

Behavior-driven development at the first StartIt Tech Meetup

On the 4th of October, at the first StartIt Tech Meetup in Belgrade, I gave a talk on behavior-driven development. Afterwards, I also did a short live-coding session, to show how BDD works in practice.

The talk was an introduction to TDD and BDD. I talked about what lead to the emergence of Agile techniques, what TDD and BDD are, which tools we use in our daily work and gave a few suggestions on starting with BDD. The live coding part involved extending an existing feature on our base-app by following the BDD cycle.

At the end of my presentation, after answering a few questions, I asked the attendees how many of them practice BDD. I was surprised to find out that, of around 150 of them, only a few do it on daily basis.

See more photos in StartIt’s gallery on Facebook.

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