Marko Anastasov wrote this on July 30, 2013

Pictures from RenderConf

RenderConf was the first conference organized by Rendered Text. A small one, but we found it to be a great success. About 70 people were present, and the feedback we heard was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. We thank all speakers for accepting our invitation and giving wonderful talks that everyone could learn so much from.

We’ll see how the next one will look like; in the meantime, check out our revived Flickr stream for more photos from the event.

RenderConf: Darko Fabijan, Lean prototyping

RenderConf: Pauza

RenderConf: Siniša Komlenić, Digital revenue models

RenderConf: Marko Anastasov, Život sa globalnim servisom

RenderConf: Milica i Janko Jovanović, Get your hands dirty

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