Marko Anastasov wrote this on February 25, 2013

First Ctrl+Flow

Last Thursday we hosted the first Ctrl+Flow. It’s a new meetup for local hackers organized in our office.

The format: two short talks with discussion, followed by free time to chat and drink.

The topic of the day was functional programming. A couple of us at Rendered Text are interested in it from different angles, and we all think there are good things to learn from functional languages and that thinking.

Marko talking about FP in Ruby

I gave the first talk - elements of functional programming in Ruby. I assumed most of the people do not work with Ruby so I constrained myself to simple introductory examples with blocks, iterators, procs and lambdas.

Darko and Erlang

Darko talked about how Erlang approaches the problem of maintaining complex, distributed systems and gave a brief introduction to the syntax and idioms of the language.

Dejan and Node

Dejan explained how Node.js utilizes the Reactor pattern.

ctrl+flow people

We’re very happy with the turnout - about 15 people came which is exactly our capacity. The feedback was very positive and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The plan is definitely to repeat this - in the future we hope to have people from the “outside” give talks as well. If you’re interested, follow us on Twitter as that’s the currently the only channel where we’ll announce future events.

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