Marko Anastasov wrote this on September 13, 2010

SchnitzelConf wrap up

If you do something, your business will do something.

The quote from Thomas Fuchs, one of the organizers of the awesome SchnitzelConf in Vienna, is not quite epic (less than a dinner with dinosaurs at least) but it really is the basic assumption of success: keep moving.

The point of the conference was to encourage European web developers with an entrepreneurial spirit to build a product, charge for it and be independent. Definitely a good thing, as in the slightly socialist Europe the system usually trains people to look for “safer” opportunities.

The talks were fantastic, as the speakers were very open and shared a lot from their experience. They all spoke with a a slightly different focus but with the same background – that of a tech person with creativity, curiosity and individualism that could not be idle, to paraphrase Michael Buffington.

Andy Croll wrote a very nice overview, and has documented the presentations as well. Jarkko Laine’s mind maps are a good reminder in handwritten form. Buffington had a slide with random interesting quotes that he heard before his talk.

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