Marko Anastasov wrote this on October 5, 2009

Standup 2009/10/05

  • Polymorphic associations and Factory Girl: in your tests you need to create your objects separately and connect them as you would in the controller — for example:
  event = Factory(:event)
  rev =, :user_id =>
  event.revisions << rev
  • A new version of rails.vim is out. When you install it, you get lots of handy shortcuts. For example, if you’re editing a file containing a test, typing :Rake will run it. :Rcontroller events will open EventsController, gf< over has_many :nap*kins opens Napkin model file and so on. In practice, with Vim’s autocompletion you actually need to type just two characters.

  • For apps running on Rails 2.3.4 make sure you upgrade your version of Passenger (currently 2.2.5), or you’ll get strange exceptions mentioning rewind and Unix sockets in their backtrace.

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