Marko Anastasov wrote this on September 24, 2009

Plakatt 2.0 launched

On Tuesday we launched a totally new - both visually and in backend - version of Plakatt, our part time startup that we do with Superawesome folks. In case you don’t know, in shortest it’s a way to publish and discover events and locations.

Currently it is only available in Serbian, which makes it available only to the people living in the region. The plan is to continue polishing it and implementing ideas that we have and soon make it available in English as well.

We’re really proud of what we’ve done, all of us together putting a lot of thinking into the details of how the app works. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There’s a long road ahead of us though, to meet the goal of making Plakatt the definite place to look for events, big and - even more importantly - small, around you.

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