Rendered Text is a SaaS vendor that used to provide solutions to clients. The combined experiences have taught us a great deal about planning, designing and building a successful web application.

Semaphore lets you quickly set up a fast continuous delivery process for any web application project. Test every change you make and easily deploy new versions to delight of your users. Integrate with other services and keep your team in the loop. Originally designed for ourselves, it is now used and praised by hundreds of companies worldwide.

Plakatt is a website to share and discover events. Born in the era when the open web and user generated content were changing the world, we made it to answer the question "how do you find out what is happenning in the city?". We are no longer actively developing or promoting it, but it remains used by thousands of people in Serbia.

Projects Timeline

February 20, 2014

Rendered Text celebrated its first five years.

January 2014

Semaphore begins to open up for other platforms, starting with JavaScript and Node.js.

New Year 2013

More people join Semaphore development as we transition away from client work.

December 2013

Rendered Text helped Reservation Genie expand its US marketshare with an online table management system for restaurants. Read more.

November 2013

Aligni is cloud-based software for product lifecycle and manufacturing management. Rendered Text made significant contributions to both back-end and front-end development of quoting and purchasing features as well as the development of new billing infrastructure.

September 2013

We developed an API for Displet, which let the company offer solutions that easily integrate its real estate search technology with WordPress-based websites.

August 2013

To delight of Semaphore users we shipped continuous deployment and, earlier, a project activity timeline.

March 2013

BlueZeppelin is an online art gallery. Rendered Text developed the next version of the service, featuring a complete redesign, custom art collections and integration with popular social networks. Read more.

February 2013

Semaphore let users parallelize their test execution. It also became ramen profitable.

December 2012

We developed a complete tour schedule management and ticketing system for our long-term client, Reservation Genie, an online reservation system. Read more.

September 2012

BagIQ provides personal analysis to help make decisions that improve health, budget, and lifestyle based on users’ purchasing history. Rendered Text helped developed the alpha version of the MVP which let users store and view their data from online stores.

June 14, 2012

Semaphore launched to public. First CI service with a flat rate pricing, had first paying customers immediately. Initial support limited to Ruby.

March 2012

We launched Semaphore, a hosted continuous integration service for private repositories, in private beta. The service pioneered a quick setup process for GitHub projects.

September 2011

PingPigeon is a tool to keep in touch with business contacts by automatically suggesting relevant content that you can share with them. Rendered Text developed the web application MVP, including an easy way to import Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, and a content mining and recommendation system.

April 2011

Freebirdee was a group buying startup with the goal of making the game of golf more affordable. Rendered Text implemented the complete technology stack, including the “daily deals” web application for users and the ecommerce backend.

November 2010

Displet is an online real estate search and marketing tool based on RETS/IDX data. Rendered Text developed an automatic property suggestion system based on users’ property viewing history and saved search queries.

July 2010

In collaboration with Exit festival we launched a special mini-app on Plakatt for planning a great time at Exit.

March 2010

Potrošač.info is a website of consumer protection association of the Vojvodina region. Rendered Text developed a forum for its visitors to discuss related matters with each other and the staff.

February 2010

First company from Serbia to appear on a Seedcamp event: Marko and Darko presented Plakatt in Zagreb, Croatia.

September 2009

Launched to public in Serbia and Balkan region. Features included simple event and location publishing, an explore interface with time and location filters, a news feed and private messaging.

March 2009

Launched Innovative Resume, an online resume builder, in collaboration with Grand Consulting.

February 20, 2009

Rendered Text officially set up as a company.

November 2008

Marko and Darko begin working together as a freelancing duo for the first client — Reservation Genie, an online reservation system used by venues, patrons, concierges and affiliates.

October 2008

Marko and Darko meet Superawesome — then operated by Dragan and Petar. The two teams soon become partners for Plakatt and begin working together. The collaboration between the two companies on numerous projects will last for many years.

Summer 2008

First beta of Plakatt, friends only.

November 21, 2007

First commit in Plakatt source code. Using Rails 2, Mercurial and Assembla.

Fall 2007

While at university, Marko and Darko begin making plans to create a platform to share and discover events. Goals and inspiration: rich social content, open web, great UX.


Rendered Text is a software company. For questions regarding Semaphore, please visit Otherwise, feel free to get in touch any time by sending us an email.