Igor Šarčević

Igor is a programming enthusiast with a passion for mathematics and intelligent systems. He gets lots of joy while solving difficult problems with a handful of dedicated people. He likes to be helpful to others and tries to improve himself on a daily basis. When he is not coding you can probably find him running, reading some Japanese poetry or improving his ninja skills.

Recent Articles

Ecto for Rails developers — The basics

We at Rendered Text are huge fans of Ruby on Rails. As a proof, SemaphoreCI — our biggest product — is still mostly written in Ruby. Lately, however, we started migrating toward Elixir and the OTP platform. Erlang has an excellent platform for developing...

Inject is a fundamental building block

Inject is one of the fundamental, and most versatile constructs available in functional languages. It can be used to implement map, select, max, all? and a bunch of other iteration related methods. Unfortunately, many programmers are not aware of its awesome powers. This article is here to improve this fact.

Inheritance in the Database

In martial arts, fundamentals are everything. The basic kicks, rolls and jumps are far more important that any fancy technique you will learn during the years of practice. When you improve your basic rolls even a little bit, all the body throws that depend on your ability to roll on the floor will improve tenfold.

Closures are not magic

Several years ago, while I was still a high school student, a friend of mine introduced me the concept of closures. I didn’t understand even a bit of what he wanted to show me, but he looked really hyped when he talked about them. To me, it all looked like some kind of deep magic. Even Google didn’t help. All I could find were scientific papers, that were incomprehensible for a high school student.

Banning Iteration

In the last couple of months I have had the honor of being a mentor to several students that were taking part in our summer internship program. I had a ton of fun, learning not only about programming, but also about the art of teaching other programmers and helping them overcome their fear of complexity.



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