Darko Fabijan

Rendered Text co-founder. Enjoys breaking new ground and exploring tools and ideas that make lives of developers interesting and productive. Nowadays has less time to write code but has great pleasure in discussing it with the team. He spends his free time cooking, hiking and indoor gardening.

Recent Articles

Welcome Sneha

We’re pleased to announce that Sneha Somwanshi has joined Rendered Text.

Learn Elixir to stay young

New libraries, frameworks, databases and languages appear daily. It’s obvious that you cannot and should not learn, use, or even follow each of them with too much attention. You probably already have those filters in place. From experience I know that some developers tend to set those filters to be too harsh because of a constant flood of new tech. If you feel that you have almost forgotten that newbie experience which you get when you are playing with something new, it might be a sign that your tech filters need some adjustment.

CTRL+FLOW 2 - Notes

Our second CRTL+FLOW event was a great blend of two talks about Clojure and Go. Both are modern languages and are standing on shoulders of giants from different worlds, LISP and C.

A Ruby guy goes to Erlang Factory

A few months ago I began searching for a solution that would enable us to easily execute a large number of concurrent operations on different servers. I found Erlang to be the only language that supports that on the syntax level.

Semaphore launched

This post has been moved to the Semaphore blog.

Notes from Railsberry 2012 day 1

This year I was lucky to attend Railsberry conference thanks to our friend Bashar Abdullah from Tathkarti who couldn’t come and sold us the ticket - thanks Bashar! The conference was truly awesome.

Semaphore gets customizable build commands

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Introducing Semaphore

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How to solve the losing X11 connection problem with VirtualBox on Mac OS Lion

We all know that today you cannot get a better desktop operating system than Mac OS. Together with great Apple hardware the bundle is an unbeatable desktop platform. But everybody in our team has been sailing with Linux for almost a decade and we still prefer it as a development platform. Paired with isolation that VirtualBox provides we just feel like at home in our Linux + VirtualBox development boxes.

100 Wonders of the World

A few weeks ago, we got some great news, but we just had to wait a bit and verify it with our internal bureau of investigation. Now, that all doubts are gone, it is our great honor to inform you that Marko got his master’s degree in computer science with the certificate of being the best student of his graduating class.



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