Dunja Radulov wrote this on August 11, 2016

Welcoming Milica Maksimovic to Our Team

We’re happy to welcome Milica Maksimovic, our new Community Editor, to the Rendered Text team. If you’re a Semaphore Community reader or writer, you might have been corresponding with Milica over the past few months.

Milica Maksimovic

Milica loves learning about code and hanging out with programmers, but she’s not quite geeky enough to become one of them. This is why she is the perfect person to work on developing our community. Outside work, Milica is passionate about open source, women’s rights, and personal development. She loves playing with Fedora, reading fiction, playing video games, and riding her bike named Juliet.

Even though Milica joined our team only recently, we already couldn’t imagine our team without her.

Welcome Milica!

P.S. You can follow Milica on Twitter @m_maksimovic_.

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