Marko Anastasov wrote this on June 17, 2011

Two things about deploying a Rails 3.1.rc4 app to Heroku

Ran into two small issues while deploying a Rails 3.1.rc4 app to Heroku, which have been asked about already elsewhere.

  • Getting an error about uninitialized constant Rake::DSL while running a rake task remotely (using rake 0.9.2). Seems like we need to include 'rake/dsl_definition in the Rakefile.
  • An error in production ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method 'compress' for :scss:Symbol. The temporary solution is to “comment out the CSS compressor”:

Deploying from a client account

We have not been sure what’s the right approach to working with an app which is on a client’s Heroku account. There are heroku-accounts and heroku_plus which help you manage multiple SSH credentials, but that didn’t feel right to me.

Heroku’s documentation about sharing didn’t convince me that it was all I need, so I sent a support ticket and turns out that, yes, it is. The only thing app collaborators cannot do is affect the billing by adding commercial add-ons, which is perfectly reasonable and something that suits us.

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